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Who dat?

Hi, I’m Andy McGillivray, a copywriter specialising in email for eCommerce brands.

I’ll help you:

  • save time
  • build trust and credibility
  • boost sales
  • grow your brand
  • make an instant impact
  • make MORE money
copywriting books to build your business

After almost 20 years in the corporate grind, I took life by the scruff of the neck and set off on my path towards self-employed freedom. Spurred on by the dream of writing for a living, being my own boss and creating a prosperous future for my 3 kids is what keeps the fire burning daily. If you’ve grafted your nuts off to run your own business, you may well know the feeling.

Shotgun Copy is my own business and run solely by me across all departments, I handle everything and will be your single point of contact throughout our time together. I’m precious of my brand and will deliver the best to make sure yours receives the same level of affection.

about email copywriting

I’m a full on member of the #emailgeek club. 

I honestly believe email is a truly fantastic way to deliver a personal message and command action. Writing an email that does both is indeed a skill and one I’ve built through many years spent in the corporate, blue-chip world, coupled with continuous self-development (check my fat stack of books, eh).

I’ve worked incredibly hard to build my brand from the ground up, so I’m really proud to be open for business to work alongside eCommerce store owners who share that same work ethic, and want the best for their business.