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eCommerce email made easy

Selling online? Struggling to pump out emails everyday that engage and drive your customers to come back for more? Stop leaving money on the table with weak email strategy…

Let us do it for you.

Is your email strategy failing you?

You’ve just hit send and already you face an upwards struggle to get your email opened when (or if) it lands in your customer’s inbox.

By 2023, it’s estimated that a huge 347.3 billion emails will be sent each and every day. 

To stand out from your rivals, you have to be different.

Make your eCommerce emails arouse curiosity and ooze personality. Use simple, clear, engaging content to increase profit, grow your business, and keep your customers coming back for more!

Frequency is your friend.

The more consistently you deliver value to your email list, the more trust you’ll build, and the more likely they are to buy from you.

And because you never know exactly when they’re ready to buy, it’s crucial to offer them the chance to with every email you send.

Let’s face it…

You’ve worked yourself to the bone in your business. 

Every day bringing new challenges, the pressure, the stress, long hours spent away from family and friends – sacrifices you make to build a brighter future.

How would it feel to take back some of that time?

Just imagine this…

  • Taking trips to the park with your loved ones and enjoying a picnic in the summer sun.
  • Clocking off early and meeting old friends in your favourite city center bar, sitting outside on the terrace for happy-hour cocktails while you calmly watch the chaotic hustle of office workers racing past you, frantically trying to catch the next train. Thank God that’s not you, right?
  • Being able to make your child’s school nativity play because your time is yours and you’re no longer anchored to a desk, slaving away writing daily email creatives.

Make a change today and take back control.

Your brand has a presence, a following even… but ask yourself this… could it GROW BIGGER?

Use powerful email copywriting to take your business to the next level.

Where it deserves to be.

Working alongside a dedicated, professional copywriter will turn your emails from dead duck to MONSTER TRUCK. From lame to DAMN, I GOT GAME. From Ebenezer Scrooge to ABSOLUTELY HUGE!

The word on the street...

"Andy, thank you so much for your help and professionalism. You've provided huge peace of mind and freed me up to work on other parts of my business. That time is invaluable."
Albertine Ahmadi -

the essential selection

What must your brand have in its email arsenal?

Confirmation (double opt-in)

A simple email that can:


Get your subscribers to confirm their details are true and accurate. No scammers here, no Sir.


Redirect subscribers to your awesome opt-in/lead magnet/sales page


Trigger a personality-infused automated sequence. Subscribers are expecting this email after signing up to your list so don’t delay, make sure they receive it quickly.

Welcome series

A powerful kickstart to any relationship, with more heat than a spent shotgun slug. A chance to set off on the right path and stay top of mind.

The email welcome series is an automated, 24/7 selling machine

We’ll write it and it’s an asset you own FOREVER.

Welcome emails are one of the first emails your subscribers will receive from you. They’re your chance to build a lasting relationship. Make them exciting, tell a story, and lay rock-solid foundations for winning future business.

abandoned cart

Increase your customer’s spend by using an abandoned cart sequence. Scoop up that cash automatically. No manual chasing required on your part.

A huge opportunity to personalise an email to your customers based on what they left behind in their cart.

A MUST HAVE opportunity to upsell or cross-sell complementary products or alternatives. Don’t let those customers slip away. 

Did you know email has the highest ROI of any marketing channel available?

Stop firing blanks.

We’ll make it work for you with automation, segmentation, and personalisation:  the fundamentals of profitable email for eCommerce.

Need to inject some life into your email marketing? Let’s talk.

What to expect when working with me:

How I work

Clarity is critical

We'll uncover what you need and why with your email strategy. We'll discuss your business, budget, and deadlines so we can determine together if we're a good fit.

The battle plan

Armed with a clear direction and target, you can continue crushing it in the areas you shine or enjoy more time with family and friends, while I retreat to the Copy Cave to work on a firm quote.

Wealth and happiness

After mercilessly devouring all of my kids' snacks to appease the copy Gods, it's time... Hot and fresh out the kitchen, your copy is cooked to perfection and you can look forward to bringing in new customers and making more money from your existing subscribers. Sit back and bask in your success while you enjoy all the benefits of teaming up with a pro copywriter.