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The Packages

This range of done-for-you email copywriting packages will save you time, energy, and headaches – making investing in your email marketing oh-so-simple.

Go ahead, pick and choose what you fancy. Or, we can craft something more bespoke together, Shotgun style.

Ready to make more sales from your subscribers?

Broadcast emails

Regular emails, daily, weekly, monthly etc. (Pro Tip: choose daily). Reach out to your list and shout about your products, your offers, your services, your promotions. Let your business shine.

Simply by showing up, you’ll build trust and stay top of mind for when your customer is 100% convinced they’re ready to buy from you.

Welcome series

When you send a welcome email to your customers, you’re thanking them for allowing you into their personal space – the inbox. It’s your chance to make the best possible first impression.

Introduce your brand and tell your story. Set some expectations. More emails planned or offers coming up? Build some excitement and let them know what’s on the way.

Abandoned cart series

Something dragged them away from hitting that buy button and you’ve missed out on a sale. Oh man! Fix that with an abandoned cart series and scoop up that cash you used to leave on the table.

Stay ahead of the game and encourage people to complete their purchase. If you’ve not got one in place, let’s build one.

Re-engagement campaign

If you’ve left your email list to go cold, don’t panic. We can fix this. Target your inactive subscribers and get them engaging with your content to boost your sales. 

Tell them what’s new since you’ve been away. Ask if they still want to hear from you. Remind them how amazing you are: free delivery, no-hassle returns policy?


Product launch

Typically a drip campaign of several emails to build hype and prime your subscribers so they’re ready to buy as soon as your amazing new product hits the shelves. 

Build curiosity, sell the benefits, tease an offer. Are we selling a special edition product here with limited numbers available? Introduce some FOMO to create a frenzy of anticipation. Do it right and you’ll see sales soar.



Maybe you’d like a little bit of everything on offer, all rolled up into one made-for-you deal. Or, perhaps you’ve something totally different in mind, such as:

  • transactional emails
  • a flash sale
  • seasonal promos (Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday)
  • double opt-in

Of course, whatever kind of email you need for your business, Shotgun Copy can help.